Your Fluffy Brow Lamination Lowdown

Your Fluffy Brow Lamination Lowdown

Your Fluffy Brow Lamination Lowdown

Everything you need to know about the cult brow treatment, from at-home prep to clever aftercare.

Whether you’re all booked in or hotly debating the idea of a brow lamination at Fluffy, we know there can be a bit of apprehension (and heaps of questions) before a first-time treatment.

Our brows are our greatest face-framers, and any sudden stylistic changes to their natural state can be daunting. But with the rise of the brow lam trend on our Instagram feeds and in our social circles, the beauty of a fresh ‘lift’ can become seriously tempting. Its fluffed-up, feathery and slick appeal is why we’ve become brow lam devotees.

If you’re gearing up for a debut lam or pondering a booking, Fluffy has broken down the much-hyped treatment into basic steps, prep and facts. Consider yourself informed after a quick squizz at this chat with our founder and head brow artist Abbie.

The fundamental steps of a brow lam:

The brow lamination process always starts with you at home, GF. Here’s exactly how…

Prep stations:

  • Two weeks prior to your visit to Fluffy’s peachy HQ, stop using any Vitamin A (retinols). The day of your appointment, make sure you shower/wash your hair and gym (if that’s your vibe) before your appointment. You can’t get those lammed brows wet for 24 hours, but more on that later!

Salon arrival: 

  • Next up is a thorough consultation to go through the entire process and do’s and don’ts over the next 24 hours. Once aftercare chat is done, we get to chat about the fun stuff – your dream brow aesthetic!


  • Series of chemical treatments are used to break down the bonds in the brow hair, manoeuvre them into place, and leave them ‘fixed’ for their setting time. 

  • Depending on your brows and skin type, we might start with a wax (or wax after the treatment) 

  • If your brows need a tint, we’ll mix your bespoke colour and finish off the treatment with a nourishing solution. Voilà, you’re loving yourself sick. 


How long will your lam take in the Fluffy chair? 

The whole process including a sculpt and tint takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. That’s the same amount of time you’ve spent doting over cute brows on TikTok today. Lean back, relax, and take some much-needed downtime out of the week for you.

And how much does a lam cost? Is it exy?

Our lamination prices range from $95—$110 at Fluffy. A lam is not a permanent treatment, but this should last you for approximately 6—12 weeks, depending on your brow hair.

What kind of brows does a lam suit best?

Firstly, anyone who loves the aesthetic of a fuller and fluffier brow. We love the lam aesthetic on anyone with finer brow hairs who’s pining for extra volume and va va voom. If you have coarse hair or extremely sparse hair, let’s book in a consultation chat first.

What do you need to know about the instant look of a lam? Will it change after leaving the Fluffy studio?

One of the biggest misconceptions of a brow lam is that a lam creates a full, fluffy brow. Strangely enough that’s not actually the case — a brow lamination will only make your brow hairs malleable. The treatment gives you the ability to wear your brows how YOU like them, for a semi-permanent period of time.

When you first have the treatment done, your brows will need to be set in a certain way to ensure that they look perfect for the duration of the lam (that next 6-8 weeks timeframe). This is the ‘fixing’ period, which is the 24 hours post-brow-lam. This is when they look the most intense, so remember: no first dates or big occasions on brow day!

Once your setting period is over, you’ll be able to brush through the brows and they’ll be all natural, zhuzhed, gorgeous and ready to be placed wherever you like to wear them. It's important to make sure you’re comfortable in your environment over the next 24 hours, as you won't be able to brush them or get them wet until that 24 hour setting period is complete. This is the cardinal rule. Moving your brows or getting them wet within those first 24 hours will mean undesirably wavy brow hairs. No thanks!

Testing the brow lam illusion without *commitment*:

The best thing about a lam is that if you don’t like it, you can just brush them to the side and have your old brows back (after 24 hours of course!). So, if you are unsure if you’ll feel comfy with a lamination, it's actually a pretty non-committal treatment.

If you're unsure about the whole lam look entirely, you can trial the aesthetic and feel of fluffy-af brows with a cheeky little trick we’ve mastered. Think of this as an illusion, without sealing the deal. Basically, a brow soap will definitely give you a similar illusion. We recommend trying a couple of different looks — some super fluffy, some filled-in and structured. At the end of the day, it has to suit your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Brow soaps and strong hold gels are a great way to test the waters without fully committing. Take lots of photos and come back to them a day later and see what takes your fancy. Don't be afraid to start taking note of some browspo: it's always great to bring into the salon as a starting point. 

A final PSA on aftercare:

Make a mental note or take a screenshot of the below aftercare vows before your first-time lam. You’ll thank us later! 

  • No touching (brushing the brows, pulling them down at the top or brushing them towards the tail)

  • No getting wet (incudes sweat, saunas, hot Pilates, steam from a shower etc.)

  • Be careful when sleeping. No lying on your face, silly!

  • Failure to be super diligent with the above will lead to curling/waving. Also absolutely no trimming the brow in the lead up to your lam. Promise?

To care for your brows after the setting period, remember these smart girl tips:

  • Always set them when wet to style them into your desired shape! No bueno when dry.

  • Absolutely no active skincare is to be put on the brow area for the duration of your lam (check your cleansers, too!). This will effect the longevity of your lam. 

  • And always make sure you are hydrating with castor oil (minimum 3 times per week). 

Look at you, all prepped and primed for the best lam of your life! At Fluffy, we’re all about confidence-boosting and calming brow experiences, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a DM with any questions, qualms or concerns you have around our treatment offerings. Until then, viva la lamination!

Written by Genevieve Phelan

Genevieve is a writer and publicist living in Melbourne. Her words have been published in Vogue, Elle, Fashion Journal, Broadsheet, Body + Soul and other pockets of the internet.