Asking for a ‘natural’ Brow Lamination? You probably need to read this first.

Asking for a ‘natural’ Brow Lamination? You probably need to read this first.

Asking for a ‘natural’ Brow Lamination? You probably need to read this first.


We hear it every single day; “I want to keep it natural”. But what does it mean to ask for, and get, a natural Brow Lamination? What results should you expect? How do you ensure you can end up with your fluffy, flirty, natural dream brow? You’re in luck! We are deep diving into and debunking the much-coveted world of the ‘natural’ Brow Lam.


Before we start, it is important to note that ‘natural’ is subjective and will be different to everyone based on what your take of natural is. This is why it is so important to come to your appointment prepped with some brow-spo or reference photos to help your stylist determine what kind of vibe you would like to create. When it comes to Brow Lams, we find that the photos of ‘natural’ aesthetics are usually in one of two camps. The first is usually a Lamination that has minimal to no tinting or shaping, allowing the brow (and the process of the Lamination) to speak for itself, think a ‘your brow but fluffier’ moment. Or alternatively, the hairs after the Lamination treatment are not sitting as high on the face, comparatively, to other brow lams you might have seen.


Let’s break it down. If you are scrolling through your Pinterest and you are loving a Brow Lamination that has minimal tint, and a natural sculpt (think model-esque) you would most likely be going for a brow lamination with no tint or sculpt, or a lamination with a light clean up. Both options are *chefs kiss* so it really depends on what sort of brow you start with as to which option is going to give you the best result – a perfect discussion point during your initial consult. This type of brow lamination is going to give you a result that you can play around with, without the intensity of tint or a different shape to what you are comfortable with. Once your 24 hours setting period is all finished you can brush those babies however you like (remember a Brow Lam makes your brows malleable, and workable to create your perfect aesthetic). Natural, fluffy, fun, flirty perfection! We get it, tint and shaping can be scary. This is the perfect brow for someone wanting their brow, with a little extra oomph. Or if you are considering a Lamination but are worried about it being ‘too much’, this is an amazing introductory option.


The second kind of inspo that we receive as stylists is a ‘natural’ Brow Lamination is where the hairs are sitting on more of an angle and are closer to your natural brow shape, rather than super full (and more upright) post treatment, usually accompanied by a light shape and tint. These photos are usually taken immediately after a treatment has been completed.  Now, don’t get me wrong this look amazing in the first 24 hours and will reduce the amount of ‘shock’ factor post appointment. The downside? These babies don’t last. Unfortunately, it’s a simple matter of gravity. When the brows set with a very minimal lift in the base of the brow, they are going to drop significantly quicker than if the brows are set with a good amount of lift (think 6-8 weeks of pure perfection!). Unfortunately, these types of ‘natural’ Brow Lams are one of the biggest culprits of a lam only lasting a couple of days, or just ‘going back to normal’ 24 hours post lamination treatment. If you have ever come out of a treatment and thought your brows looked ‘kind of the same’, you might be sitting in this camp!


As we are always shouting from the rooftops here at Fluffy, a Brow Lamination only makes your brow hairs malleable so that you can wear them how you like to wear them! Therefore, it’s Important to know the results will differ depending on what your version of a ‘natural brow lamination’ is. Keep in mind, you can always keep things light; tint can be light, sculpting can be minimal. All these things will keep your lam on the more natural side. Structured girls, you’re going to love a tint, maybe even with a skin stain, and a super clean, sculpted shape. Remember, what looks natural on one person might not be natural for another. The best thing to do is to come to your appointment armed with lots of references so that you can have an open conversation with your stylist to determine what is going to work best for you and give you the best results for you!


Happy (natural) fluffing! X


Written by Abbie Lawley

Abbie is the founder of Fluffy, and is a self-confessed beauty junkie with an unhealthy obsession for brows.